So, why am I blogging?
I don’t know how long I wanted to start my own homepage – never found the time to do it. A blog is pretty simple to set up and looks quite okay for that matter.
Also, to be honest, for me blogging is a way to relieve my mind and helps staying organized. I’m mainly using the blog to document technical stuff/hacks/programs/work I do in my freetime. I know it’s here, so, if I ever need the info again, I know where to find it. As simple as that! In a harsh way you can think of it as my personal junkyard of thoughts. ;)
Anyway, some of the articles on my site here might be of help to someone out there. If that is you, hello there!

Alright, enough blah-blah already! If you have any comment, criticism, bashing and/or death threats or if you just want to express your condolence for this useless blog, drop me a line. I most probably can handle it. ;)
In case some information on this blog has saved your life, consider donating to the Red Cross (or a similar organization) and drop me a line.

That's me.

Andre Beckedorf

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