Intel 5300 AGN WiFi in Fujitsu U2010/U820

I recently replaced the Atheros WiFi card in my Fujitsu U2010 with an Intel 5300 AGN half-sized Mini-PCIe card. The default Atheros Wifi card in the Fujitsu does not support MIMO and 802.11n on the 5 GHz band. This is a real let-down for a (draft-)N card.
Luckily the Intel 5300 AGN is one of the very few cards that are available in the half-sized Mini-PCIe form factor, so it fits into the Fujitsu U2010 and U820.

The process is quite involving and not for the faint of heart. Here are some snapshots of the process:

Some of the pictures show my 3G/HSDPA mod.
Also check out the interesting forum thread over at pocketables.

5 thoughts on “Intel 5300 AGN WiFi in Fujitsu U2010/U820

  1. It seems you have torn apart the system. Do you find a clue to how one can increase the ram?

  2. Hi, I made the same mod as here and I replaced the atheros WiFi in my U820 but with the Intel 6300 Half size card. Under XP Tablet the card was recognized and installed, but I’ve got a resource conflict. I tried to resolve this conflict, but it doesn’t worked. I reinstalled the system now with Windows 7, but the same problem. At the end I changed back to the atheros card, it works at least. My question:
    It is possible, that Intel 6300 is not full compatible with 5300? Or the card could be defect? Have anybody some experience with Intel 6300? Thx

  3. I have tried the intel 6300 in my u820 before reading your comment. It seems that this card is incompatible with the u820because I have the same problem.

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