Oh Nokia…

So, Nokia is removing developer documentation and support from their site to focus on the ill-fated move to Lumia Windows Phones and their S40 devices re-branded as Asha.

The first victim (or shall I say winner?) of this move has been Qt. Best move ever selling Qt to Digia, Nokia! Now we can finally have official iPhone and Android support in Qt. Digia has been committed to developing Qt ever since and in my opinion it finally shows.
The second victim is Symbian of course. Nokia is incrementally removing support for the platform. Most of the online developer resources have vanished and it is getting harder to find documentation.
The third victim is obviously Harmattan / Maemo 6 which is used on the N9 and N950. The harmattan-dev.nokia.com site has been offline for the last 2 to 3 weeks and I have repeatedly called upon @nokiadeveloper on Twitter to get the issue sorted out. It looks like there is absolutely no interest on Nokia’s side, which is quite unfortunate.

This is Nokia kicking developers in the teeth. Thank you.

So, as matters stand now I have created three mirrors on katastrophos.net to keep all those valuable Harmattan and Symbian resources alive:

Symbian Belle Developer Libary: http://symbian-dev.katastrophos.net
Harmattan Developer Documentation: http://harmattan-dev.katastrophos.net
Symbian Resources, Development Tools & SDKs: https://katastrophos.net/symbian/mirrors

Nokia, yes, if you have problems with yours truly mirroring your abandoned content, sue me.
Oh, and by the way, you are still owing me 600 Euros for January! 3 eMails and 2 months of patience and NOTHING has been resolved.

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