“Yet Another Zaurus Media Player”… done differently . (Phase 1: Teasing)

{YAZMPDD} YAZMPDD - Work In Progress Screenshot 1: Whole library loaded. Contrast mode, perfect for car usage.{YAZMPDD} YAZMPDD - Work In Progress Screenshot 2: Playing a file...{YAZMPDD} YAZMPDD - Work In Progress Screenshot 3: Library view filtered...

Tell me what you think. I won’t comment on anything though. This is work in progress – it’s not finished. I won’t publish any additional features besides what you can read below.

Here is the information I can give right now:
Yes, this is derived from ZPlayer, however, the core is different. Right now, please don’t ask any question why I’m not contributing to Kino or ZPlayer. This is a whole different thing here and I’ll comment once I release.

Does it handle large amounts of music? YES.
Are you serious about the *Tunes look? YES.
Is that fullscreen? Yes.
What’s the name? No title yet. If you have a good one, don’t hesitate to mail me.

In the meantime wait for more information and the next phase… :)

13 thoughts on ““Yet Another Zaurus Media Player”… done differently . (Phase 1: Teasing)

  1. Ah, one more thing. Yes, I’m looking for beta testers, but I can’t tell when. Depends on whether I get my vacation! ;)

  2. I first saw ‘this’ in Korean Zaurus forum, zaurusian(http://zaurusian.net).
    I intend to be beta tester, If it’ll work graphic-EQ.
    When will ‘this’ come? I want to stable version come out soon.

  3. Thanks for all your comments!
    Good news is, I got my vacation accepted, so I’m moving forward now. I’ll post some follow-ups once I have more information available to share with you. ;)

  4. Antikx, thanks for posting on tyrannozaurus.com! I really appreciate it. :)
    With some work it should compile on pdaXrom too. After all, it’s just Qt.
    Alright, back to that performance “thingie” I was working on… ;)

  5. Looks great.
    I hope it will handle MP3 and MP4 in the same UI…

    If you need a beta tester, I am here !

  6. Goonie_Fr, MP3 is already in there with a decent ID3Tag reader. The main audio file format for me is Ogg Vorbis. I’m mostly testing with Ogg Vorbis files produced by my iTunes Alternative Encoder scripts and aoTuV directly out of iTunes. As for .MP4/AAC, it will work, however, metadata currently isn’t read from the file.

    sunaokoe, I have to disappoint you. EQ isn’t planned. I’m still using mplayer for playback and this isn’t likely to change in the next few builds. Perhaps in the future, can’t promise though.

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