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maemo-debug-scripts is a convenience package for debugging Harmattan applications. The package depends, for example, on libc6-dbg. Without libc6-dbg, threads cannot be debugged with GDB, and Valgrind reports redundant errors for the dynamic loader (its error suppressions for /lib/ld functions can match them only with the debug symbol file, as the stripped binary does not contain static function names).

The package installs the following helper scripts:

  • debug-dep-install
    Installs debug symbols for given binaries and their dependencies listed by "ldd".
  • debug-pkg-check
    Checks the correctness of a debug package for a given package.
  • list-mmapped-libs
    Lists all packages containing libraries and binaries that given process uses. It can be used to find out the libraries mapped with mmap through dlopen that ldd (used by debug-deb-install script) does not find.


source: maemo-debug-scripts

binary: maemo-debug-scripts

Installing maemo-debug-scripts on the Harmattan device

Install maemo-debug-scripts through the developer mode applet.

Prerequisite: Developer mode must be enabled.

  1. Select Settings > Security > Developer mode.
  2. Install the Debugging bundle package by clicking Install.
  3. You get a notification screen that lists all the applications to be installed in the bundle package. To install, click OK.
  4. A dependency notice appears. Click Accept.

For more information on developer mode and installable tools, see Activating developer mode.

Further information

For more information on the tools, see the following links: