Removed APIs

All the APIs removed from this release are listed here with changes required to applications that use them.

APIs/headers Affected headers and libraries Description

Printing Services API

  • pdrstore.h

  • pdrport.h

  • banddev.h
  • metafile.h
  • prninf.h
  • prnprev.h
  • prnsetup.h
  • prnuids.h

PrintingServices collection and its sub-components are removed as these services are rarely used. However, Device Interface API continues to provide printing support to printer devices.

Remote Storage FW MountMan API

  • rsfwmountentry.h

  • rsfwmountentryitem.h

  • rsfwmountman.h
  • rsfwmountman.lib

This API provided control functions that can be used to mount and unmount remote storages, make queries about active mounts, their connection properties (server name etc.) and connection state (connected/disconnected). It can also be used to set the connection state of some active mount.

SIPProviders API

  • sipconnpref.h

  • sipconnpref.inl

  • siphlerr.h
  • sip_subconevents.h
  • sip_subconevents.inl
  • sip_subconparams.h
  • sip_subconparams.inl

Currently the application frameworks use the SIP Session based APIs provided by the IPAppServices to develop the SIP/IMS based applications.

For example, the telephony, video sharing and other teams using this IPAppService APIs for SIP/IMS based functionality. The SIP Connection plug-ins is a kind of high-level APIs of SIP/IMS framework which would support the very limited subset functionality of the IPAppServices APIs. Currently only the internal SystemTest team uses these APIs. It would make sense to deprecate this SIP connection plugins as it is not as matured as IPAppService APIs and not widely used as IpAppService APIs