Nokia Symbian Belle Developers' Library

Welcome to the Nokia Symbian Belle Developers' Library. The library is intended for Qt and Symbian C++ developers creating applications for the Symbian platform.

The library is the definitive guide and reference for everyone who works with the Symbian platform. Whatever your role, this is the first stop for the answers to your questions about the Symbian platform. For example:

  • If you are involved in designing and coding solutions using the Symbian platform you will find here comprehensive reference information on the common interfaces and APIs available, guide material describing how to use the various features of the Symbian platform, example applications, and detailed technical information about components.

  • If you are porting applications from one Symbian platform version to a new platform version, you will find information here on how to carry out the porting process.

What is new?

How to get started?

What do you want to do?

Begin here

I'm new to the Symbian platform.

Introduction to Symbian platform and Introduction to Symbian C++ development

I want to port my existing application to Symbian Belle

Porting guidelines

I want to understand the UI changes in Symbian Belle

UI style guide

I want to learn how to use Symbian C++ APIs in my Qt application.

Introduction to application development

Creating an application using both Qt and Symbian C++

I want to learn about tools for testing my application on Symbian devices.

Refer to the Nokia Energy Profiler and Performance Monitor User's Guide in the Qt SDK help.

I want to go directly to detailed information on Qt and Qt Mobility reference documentation.

Qt and Qt Mobility reference

I want to know more about the Symbian C++ APIs and their usage.

Symbian C++ API Guide